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About Lala

About commands

Lala has a branch of entertainment commands, for example, the commands in this branch can give a description for the anime that you specified, also find out the author of the anime, the studio, and even the staff list. Also, kaomoji, these are cool Japanese emojis, and so on.
The moderation branch in it in Lala has all the necessary commands, purge, ban, kick, mute, and UN- these commands.
The utility branch has commands for interacting with Lala, and also, for example, color can transform your numbers literally into the color wow!
Then the branch is the most favorite for the developer - ROLEPLAY, I always want not only to communicate, but also to interact with people directly in the chat, 50+ emotions to use from slap to kiss, etc., according to your color and taste.

Our bot will do

For all those whose servers are really full of communication, and not only, it can be cozy companies with their jokes and so on. But this development does not stop further, more!


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