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~Asterie's Introduction~

@AsterieBot is a divination-focused bot, specialising in providing in-depth meanings and explanation behind the cards (tarot, oracle, and lenormand), runes, and other divinatory systems it's capable of.

Asterie is the only Tarot bot on discord that allows you to choose between 1) long, detailed descriptions, 2) short, easier to read descriptions or, 3) keyword-only tarot pulls. The bot has a wide variety of decks and multiple rune sets, as well as an 8-Ball command, hieroglyphic divination, daily horoscopes (with multiple horoscope providers), astrology & tarot memes, & other misc commands.

I will always strive to add more decks (tarot, oracle, lenormand, etc), if possible more runic systems, and other divinatory systems (e.g hieroglyphic divination, ancient greek letter divination, i-ching, etc). This is a time consuming task but the bot is a long-term project that will be continually added to.

  • <a href="https://discord.gg/hq8VPdjFPb">Click to join the support server</a> for updates, suggestions, and updates
  • <a href="https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=795063486988156958&permissions=277025516608&scope=bot%20applications.commands">Click to invite the bot</a>

<a href="https://www.buymeacoffee.com/AsterieBot"><img src="https://img.buymeacoffee.com/button-api/?text=Support me with a ☕&emoji=&slug=AsterieBot&button_colour=BD5FFF&font_colour=ffffff&font_family=Cookie&outline_colour=000000&coffee_colour=FFDD00" /></a>


  • Invite the bot <a href="https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id=795063486988156958&permissions=277025516608&scope=bot%20applications.commands">with this link</a>
  • By default, the bot supports both message and slash commands. Type ?help to view the full command list, or simply type / to view the list of slash commands.
  • Decks can be banned from your server with ?deckban or /tarot ban. Mods can also force tarot pulls to be simpler, keyword-only pulls or short description-only pulls (as opposed to length ones) in channels where overly detailed tarot pulls might be disruptive (see ?tarot detailset or /tarot detail_setting). Works similarly with rune pulls.
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    Some example card pulls <a href="https://imgur.com/a/vtNIpmo">https://imgur.com/a/vtNIpmo</a> using the 'random' feature (?tarot random), though you can call a specific deck directly as well. The list of decks is continually expanded, and there is also an assortment of rune sets to use as well!

    Users can pick between short description, long description, or keyword-only tarot pulls.

    Key Features

    • In-depth Tarot, lenormand, and oracle card divination
    • Customisable tarot details - choose between long, short, or keyword-only tarot pulls.
    • In-depth runic divination, with multiple rune sets
    • A growing list of decks to choose from
    • Deck customizability: curate your own favourites list, ban decks from appearing (either for yourself or for your server)
    • Ability to search for individual cards along with their full detailed descriptions (useful for study groups, or if you need a reminder, or during specific-card discussions!)
    • Astrology & tarot memes
    • In-depth horoscope feature, with multiple horoscope providers.
    • Standard 8-ball & a more fun version
    • Unique divination systems (greek letter, hiroglyphic)
    • Misc fun commands such as random quotes, jokes, compliment other users, yes/no coinflips, a choose command, etc
    • Customizable bot prefix. Users can also customize the level of detail they receive on tarot/rune readings and horoscopes. Mods can also tur


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